Hanka Kelter, a Polish born model with very long hair

Hanka Kelter, a Polish born model with very long hair.

Pianist Lets Her Hair Down - 6 Feet .9 Inches of It—Supports Her Concert > Ambitions by Work in Side Show.
Hanka Kelter, a Polish born model with very long hair.
She wants to be a concert pianist, but while she's waiting for opportunity to come calling  Henrietta - Hanka Kelter is letting her hair down to support herself and her old father in Warsaw.
"Step right up and see her, folks, the little lady with the longest, the thickest and the loveliest hair in the world. . . . !"
Thus Hanka (Hair) Kelter bides her time as a side show attraction for the circus crowds in Madison Square Garden and then gathers her long tresses about her and goes home to practice on her piano.
"Sure, I have plenty of offers for Lady Godiva," said Miss Kelter '"-with" a flicker of her. big dark eyes. "But, no. I like to work in a nicer way. In Europe I am a pianist and" I study the drama." Two years ago I come from Paris to America. I feel that I am rich because I am in this country, and I can travel with the circus and learn geography. If her crowning glory (five Bounds of it, topping, off the 105 pounds of the rest of her) rests heavy on her head,. Miss Kelter isn't admitting it.

She's Rather Crazy About It.

I love them," she crooned in deep Polish tones. "I have never been sick since I have them. I am strong and healthy, like Samson. Maybe I am from the same family and if I cut them off I will lose my strength like him."
- This somewhat alarming hair producing quality is not a characteristic of the Kelter family, it seems. Papa has a beard, yes, but just so-so, and the rest of the brothers and sisters have hair, just hair.
"It's a secret how I make them grow," announced Miss Kelter. "AH my life. I love and admire long hair, but I don't have them. Ten years ago I start to let them grow and look — they are so silky and so warm and so wavy. They give what you call the feminine touch. I feel like I am a real woman."
One thing In favor of her coiffure, even though it might cause her to list a little and give her nightmares full of little demons armed with scissors, is that her ' budget doesn't have to bear with hairdressing bills. With the aid of her sister she shampoos it about four times a year—her scalp is so healthy that she finds that often enough.

The rest of the time she combs and recombs it, and keeps out of the way of fans, both electric ones and the kind who would snip off a souvenir-lock.

They are my ornament," she said. "Men say they give me personality and that they would not like me if I should have them cut off."

As a variation, she plaits her hair Into double braids I worn in front .so that some scissors expert can't sneak up' on her or into triple ones, looping them about her neck like necklace. She braids them before going to bed, and sleeps with them out side of the covers.

Any day now she Is going to begin studying Oriental dancing, using her hair to express some of the movements, and she doesn't expect to get tangled up in it any more than when she plays the piano.

Hobbies? You know, collecting things and stuff like that?

"Sure," said Miss Kelter. "I collect defense stamps."

                                              THE NEW YORK /SON,- MONDAY, APRIL 20, 1942
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