Svetlana Minikina girl with very long braid

Svetlana Minikina floor length hair girl with very long braid
Girl with very long braid
  Svetlana Minikina 34 years old. Throughout her life, Svetlana was with long hair. However , in the tenth grade, the older sister , envious of her long hair , and advised her to cut off her braid, which was then below the knee length. Now this long braid stored for memory. Svetlana after a haircut realized that short hair is not for her and began to grow long hair again , believing that long hair is a real Russian beauty, emphasizing her femininity. Svetlana's second braid grows more than 15 years. Long braided tresses is 170 centimeters long, and in circumference - 15 cm (her height - 177 centimeters). But the feeling is indescribable words when Svetlana unbraid her hair. Long flowing hair - 190 centimeters. Hair with shine of gold by a cloud fall on the floor. Hair care for such long hair is very difficult, because for head wash is required in 1 hour and for drying the hair the whole night (they can not spoil a hot blow-drying ), while combing for 2 hours each day. But Svetlana Like it ! Svetlana now lives in Moscow with her beloved husband Sergei. They have been together for 10 years. Sergei likes to take care of her beautiful hair, not sparing their time on it. Svetlana is not going to stop there. She decided to grow their hair and on. In general, when people see Svetlana in the street, then by all means try to take a picture with her or ask a question about such long hair (real or not, how to care for them and how much she was raising them ) . One gets the impression that Svetlana is literally a modern Rapunzel, because such a beautiful , soft , very thick and long hair, nowadays it is not possible to see.
Long Hair.