Diane Witt World's Longest Hair record

Diane Witt - Woman with the longest hair in America
Diane Witt very long hair Record
Diane Witt very long hair Record
Photo of Diane Witt World's Longest Hair record.
The woman with the longest hair is the American Diane Witt from Worcester (Massachusetts). For 15 years her splendid hair has not been cut. It is now 259 cm (8 feet, 6 inches) long.
Diane Witt from Worcester Massachusetts held both the American and Guinness World record as well from 1989 to about 1996 with her red-brown mane of 3 meters hair.

Diane's long hair - Worlds Longest Hair

Human hair usually stops growing at 2 1/2 - 3 ft long. But at 12 ft 8 in, Diane Witt of Worcester, Mass, has hair which is more than twice her height. This extraordinary growth of hair is inexplicable. Since 1981 -- when she last had it cut -- it has more than doubled in length. Shampooing and combing takes her several hours. To keep it out of her way, Diane normally wears it in a complicated braided arrangement piled on top of her head -- held up by just two hairpins.  (Guinness Book of World Records)

11 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Girl With Long Hair

1. She is basically a human pile of hairbands. In our purse, on our wrist, in the shower, on the counter. They surround us at all times. The fact that Dr. Seuss never made a whimsical book about all the places you can keep hairbands is beyond me.

2. Be prepared to deal with the shitstorm that is her realizing she does not have a hairband on her and she's not at home. Even if we only kind of wanted to put our hair up, knowing that we can't do that unless we track down a nearby CVS and buy another 4,000 of them (they only come in 4,000 packs, BTW) is maddening and similar to when the Hulk becomes the Hulk.

3. No, she is probably never going to try any of the elaborate hairstyles she is constantly obsessing over on Instagram. The point is not to try them, the point is to wish someone else would make your hair look like that, then realize they won't, and move on with your life.

4. Her hair will soon cover everything you own like a protective yet creepy coating. Hopefully you'll see all the hair on your sweater/couch/TV and be like, "Aww. My girlfriend <3 .="" p="">
5. Even if she blows her hair dry at super turbo ultra speed, it will still take 45 minutes. And if we air dry it and it's winter, we can't leave the house for two hours minimum, so get cozy.

6. You'll need to befriend a plumber fast or your bathtub drain will never be the same. I don't know how we have enough hair to make a wig for a hamster after every shower, but we do, so get used to it.

7. Get ready to be constantly told to move your arm because it's pinning her hair down like a sixth grader wrestler. For the record, every time you notice this is the case before we have to tell you, we fall a little bit more in love with you.

8. The sound of her detangling her dry hair will chill you to your core. One time I tried to brush out a particularly intense set of tangles and my boyfriend at the time said, "That is the worst sound I've ever heard. How are you OK right now?" Long-haired women are tough, man. That said…

9. Every time you run your fingers through her hair she will get just a little bit terrified you're going to hit a tangle. This not only hurts like hell, it also means we have to get up and brush it out, or it will drive us insane.

10. Buying her a necklace is basically like buying her a trap for her hair to get caught in. Long hair finds necklaces and attaches itself to them until it has to be ripped from its claws. This is a very painful process, so I'm just saying rings are better.

11. If she's on top, she'll spend 60 percent of your time trying to keep her hair out of your mouth. And let's be honest, out of our own. Eventually, we'll just cave and put it in a sloppy bun so we can get back to business, the business of love.

21 Problems Only Long Haired Girls Understand

1. The hell that is leaving the house without a hair elastic. I may as well have forgotten pants or a shirt or my house keys. I am that fucked.

2. Trying to convince yourself that hair elastic on your wrist looks kind of chic. I mean, it's, like, silver, so it's kind of like a stretchy bracelet with gross pieces of hair stuck in it?

3. Your hair getting trapped in your scarf in the winter. And now I have an awkward bob haircut whether I wanted to or not.

4. You put your hair up in a ponytail so often you wonder why you even have long hair to begin with. Almost every single day I think, Should I just cut it off if I like the way it looks when it's pulled back? I mean, that's basically a short haircut with a secret in the back.

5. The horror of finding hair in your food. It's probably yours but what if it's not.

6. God help you if you're on top during love. Or on the bottom. Basically, in any given position, I'm going to spend 85 percent of time trying to pull hairs out of my mouth in a hot way.

7. Pulling out a massive clump of your discarded mush from the shower drain. When I pull out my white-blonde hair from the drain, it looks like discarded rice noodles pulled out of a dumpster. It's truly when I feel at my most attractive.

8. When you put your hair in a ponytail at the gym, but it's still long enough to stick to your armpits. So then you have to be the High Bun girl, which isn't the worst fate but honestly I am not good at putting a bun in my hair that doesn't make look like an old lady who makes pies in the middle of nowhere.

9. When your hair gets really brittle at the ends but you can't cut the split ends off because then you'll lose your identity as a Long-Haired Girl. Aka currently me and I don't intend to get my ends cut off for the next, like, six years of my life because I want mermaid hair.

10. Waiting 9.5 years for your hair to dry. The seasons change, many moons pass, multiple meals are consumed. It is a saga.

11. Finding your hair everywhere. My whole apartment is basically just a place for me to keep all the hair that falls out of my head.

12. Sticky lipgloss is just ... no. It's like your hair knows you have it on and it wants to get stuck in it.

13. Brushing your hair is a workout. That better count as cardio because I am too exhausted to do anything else now and I have Million Dollar Baby arms.

14. Getting your hair caught in your coat zipper. Every. Single. Time.

15. When a guy is sexily running his fingers through your hair and you're panicking because you know he's going to hit a tangle. I'm not an animal! That's just what happens to long-haired people!

16. Your necklace is no longer a necklace. It is a necklace with hair caught in it like a fly in a web.

17. The amount of shampoo and conditioner you go through is enough to make you buy in bulk. Once a week. There is something about buying bulk shampoo that makes me feel like I'm a large horse who can't get its shit together.

18. If you sleep with it down, you will be choked to death in your sleep. So I have to pull it back every night like an 1800s bride and even then I still wake up with a knotted mass that looks like someone fought me in my sleep.

19. Haircuts. With every new haircut, there is an underlying fear that I will emerge with The Rachel.

20. When you're posting a selfie to Instagram and your hair is so long and luxurious it doesn't all fit in the square. Like, what is even the point?

21. When all of a sudden you feel something on your leg and cold-sweat panic thinking it's a bug or snake, but really you've shed one very long hair. Which means my own hair scares me.
How is this worth it, you guys? Oh, that's right. Because I'm a beautiful princess who little girls envy.