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Healthy, Shiny, Beautiful long Hair - Long hair photos Alla Perkova.

How to Achieve Faster Hair Growth

Unfortunately there is no magic shampoo you can use that will make your hair grow an inch nightly. Most hair grows about 1/2 inch or less each month. There are certain things that can contribute to slower hair growth. Avoiding these things as well as providing your body with the nutrients it needs for hair production will help you achieve the faster growth.

1 - Wash your hair at most every other day. Frequent washing strips your hair of essential oils, says Dr. Nicole Sundene in an article called "How to Grow Your Hair Super Fast!" Rinse your hair daily if you wish, but do not shampoo it.

2 - Brush your hair every morning from the underside. Flip your hair over. Brush from the neck all the way down to the ends of your hair, as recommended by Dr. George Michael in an article called "A Visit With Dr. George Michael." Dr. Michael has studied hair throughout his career and the medical reasons why hair damage occurs. He says that brushing is also beneficial because it distributes the sebum from your scalp to the ends.

3 - Supplement your diet with a multivitamin and mineral complex. Dr. Sundene says that consuming enough of the mineral biotin and the B vitamins will aid hair growth. She also recommends 1 tbsp. of flax seed oil daily for the protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

4 - Get your hair trimmed every eight weeks. Schedule your next appointment at the conclusion of each appointment and put it in your calendar. Dr. Sundene recommends a trim every couple of months. Ask that your hair is not cut straight across, but instead get it cut in a half circle, as recommended by Dr. Michael for hair growth.

5 - Stop dyeing your hair. Switch to highlights instead, as suggested by Dr. Michael. He says that coloring your hair is damaging to it and should not be done. Highlights are less damaging.
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