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Long Hair fly ..... Photo shoot of Beautiful Blonde Swimsuit Bikini Model Goddess
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Steps to Growing Out Your Long Hair

Most women opt to grow their hair long, and most men prefer it that way, writes Satoshi Kanazawa in "Psychology Today." Many men choose to wear their hair long, too. If you're among those that have chosen long hair , keep in mind that growing long hair requires patience. Human hair grows approximately 1/2 inch per month, according to Teen Health. Keeping long hair sleek and healthy doesn't require expensive treatments, but it does require time and dedication.

Begin With Healthy Hair

Visit your hairstylist and ask him to remove every bit of dry or damaged hair. This sounds counterproductive for somebody hoping to grow long hair, but a hair cut is absolutely non-negotiable, advises Long Locks. Damaged hair will become more pronounced as hair grows. Trim your hair as often as needed to remove dry, split ends.

Avoid Damage

Limit use of heated styling tools such as heated curlers, curling irons or blow dryers and allow your hair to dry naturally, advises Hair Style. Never brush or comb wet hair. Brush only as much as necessary, using a good-quality, wide-tooth comb. Damaged hair will require more frequent trimming.
Summer Care

Avoid exposing your hair to salt water and chlorine, says Hair Style. Wash your hair immediately after swimming. Protect your hair from sunlight by using a conditioner with SPF protection.


Eat a well-balanced diet rich in healthy proteins, natural fats, essential fatty acids, fruits and vegetables. Stop smoking and use alcohol and caffeine in moderation. An unhealthy diet affects the growth and condition of your hair, says Hair Style.

Scalp Massage

Give yourself a weekly scalp massage. Dip your fingers in warm massage oil and distribute the oil through your hair from the roots to the ends. Use the tips of your fingers to massage your temples, and then use a gentle, circular motion and work your way to the ends of your hair. Allow the oil to remain in your hair for 30 minutes before washing it. A scalp massage will increase blood to the hair follicles.