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There's no product or procedure that will miraculously give you long locks in a short time. You can influence your hair's health and maximize your hair growth cycle, however. It takes good nutrition and conscientious care of your hair. You need the nutrition because hair reflects your overall state of health. Hair care is important because once hair is damaged, the problem cannot be undone.

In general, your hair will grow about one-half inch each month,although the growth rate slows with age. Some 90 percent of your hair is growing at any given time. The 10 percent of hair that is not growing is in the second "resting phase." To ensure you keep that 90 percent in its growth phase, eat protein-rich foods. Not getting enough protein can cause your hair growth cycle to go into its resting phase. Eggs are a top protein choice because they are rich in L-cysteine, an amino acid important for hair health. Eggs also are a source of the manganese and the B vitamin biotin, both of which aid the body in preventing hair loss. Chicken, turkey and fish also contain niacin, which enhances scalp circulation.

Addressing an underlying health concern like diabetes may spark your hair growth cycle. Other factors that can affect the hair growth cycle include medication, skin conditions, an autoimmune problem and improperly used chemical hair treatments.

A healthy diet is vital to growing long locks. Produce is a great source of vitamins and minerals important to hair health. These include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, B vitamins biotin, and inositol. The right nutrients promote the health of glands in the scalp, improve hair quality and help regulate hormones related to hair growth. Vitamin A is in orange and yellow vegetables. Vitamin C is in strawberries and citrus fruits. Vitamin E is in green leafy vegetables. Silica improves hair strength and is in alfalfa and beets. Whole grains contain biotin and inositol.
EFAs, Iron and Zinc

Foods rich in essential fatty acids, zinc and iron are all important. Omega-3 fatty acids are in salmon and flaxseed oil. Zinc is in beef, pork, wheat germ and whole oatmeal. Iron can be gained by eating eggs, meat, leafy greens, dried beans and enriched cereals.
How to Start

It's important to begin with healthy hair. That means removing split ends or damaged hair. Healthy hair needs less frequent trims, so removing unhealthy strands helps hair get longer faster. Pare one-half inch every three or four months while growing your hair. Cut one-half inch each month once you are maintaining a hair length.
Hair Stressors

There are many ways to avoid stressing the hair that's already grown. Eschew hot water when washing hair. Minimize use of hot hair care tools such as hairdryers and curling irons. Avoid chemicals such as peroxide, perms and permanent hair colorings. Choose hair styles and hair jewelry that won't stress your hair. Styles that put stress on individual hairs, such as hair pulled tight or in tiny braids, should be swapped for styles utilizing soft hairbands and scrunchies. Hair jewelry with sharp edges, metal barrettes and rubber bands can damage hair. Stay out of salt water and chlorine.
Hair Care

Hair care dos include deep conditioning at least once a month. Handle your hair gently when it's wet. Use a wide-tooth comb on wet hair instead of a brush, and brush hair before shampooing. Use shampoo on roots only, and, if possible, skip the suds and just condition. Work conditioner through the ends of the hair. A boar bristle brush or wood pin brush will distribute hair's natural oils, which work better than store-bought conditioners. Work in small sections when brushing hair. If hair is easily damaged, a leave-in conditioner can help.
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