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Alla Perkova: Exciting Mermaid from Odessa

Attracting the admiring glances magically, long hair has been always symbolized the beauty and health, majesty and power, strength of will, patience, and diligence at all times. It occurs because long hair, transforming women to the deity and ennobling her, in fact, require a special painstaking care. However, the vagaries of a luxuriant long hair don’t frighten modern, light-hearted, and fashionable women who strive for growing the longest hair. Indeed, it is hard not to notice the longest hair as well as their stunning holder. It is unlikely that someone will pass by the beauty. Looking at the Alla Perkova’s plait, people involuntarily admire of Alla recognizes that she has been dreamed of having long hair since early childhood. Now her dream has come true. In her 27 years, she is the sole holder of the longest hair in her city (160 cm / 5,3 ft). According to Alla Perkova’s words, all women of her family had long hair. None of them has ever used any special hair care products. Alla admitted to the journalists that she washes her head with the regular shampoo twice a week. She neither takes any special vitamins nor uses any masks or balms. Nevertheless, her hair is healthy, beautiful, and grows normally. During her traveling, Alla Perkova is always in a focus.

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