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 Photo of young woman with blonde hair 

Portrait of beautiful young woman with blonde hair

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Tips on Shiny Healthy Hair

Shiny, healthy hair comes from the inside out, not necessarily from big-name, blow-your-budget products from the salon. To achieve a beautiful mane, maintaining your nutrition, regularly taking vitamins and drinking water will do more for you than shelling out hundreds of dollars on hair care supplies that do not live up to their promises. Taking care of yourself is the most important step in producing a healthy set of follicles.

Add biotin to your diet. Available as a supplement or in food such as salmon, eggs and bread, biotin is used to break down amino acids and produce fatty acids in the body. It assists with brittleness and maintains the health of the follicle. Although no published evidence exists that high-dose supplements of biotin will prevent hair loss, hair loss is a symptom of a deficiency in this vitamin.

Vitamin D

Include vitamin D in your diet. Few foods in nature, other than fortified foods such as milk, contain vitamin D. Thus, a multivitamin is necessary. Take one multivitamin a day and be sure it lists vitamin D among its ingredients. Some milk also contains extra vitamin D, which would be indicated on the label.

The purpose of vitamin D is to aid in bone growth, as the bones absorb the calcium. Calcium is necessary for healthy hair; a lack of it will produce dry, damaged hair.
Wet Hair

Exercise caution with wet hair. When hair is wet, the follicles are at their most prone to damage and are very fragile. Therefore, do not brush it. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb and use a gentle hand as you comb through your hair.
Styling Products

Use heat products sparingly. Heat can damage hair, so limit your time with hair dryers. Let hair air dry if possible. Also, hair straighteners, curling irons and hot rollers will only damage hair further, forcing you cut it off. If you do not want to end up with brittle hair and split ends, use these as little as possible and apply a gel or styling product first as a way to protect the shaft from the heat.
Regular Trims

Get regular trims every six to eight weeks. Ends of the hair can easily get damaged from being outdoors, using heated styling products, swimming in chlorinated pools and dyeing. If you do not remove the damaged ends, hair will continue to split and break all the way to the root. Ask your stylist to cut off just half an inch each time, so only strong, healthy hair is left.
Drink Water

Stay hydrated. Water cleanses your insides and this will only help your hair grow strong and shiny.