Do you like long hair, ladies?

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Do you like long hair, ladies?

Tips to Grow Long and Healthy Hair

Before you can have long hair, you must have healthy hair . Dull, damaged, dry hair will break and split before it has a chance to flourish. In this case, preventing problems is the key. With proper care, you can avoid the most common causes of damage and grow the kind of hair that will be your crowning glory.
Be Gentle

Hair breakage robs your tresses of length, a smooth appearance and shine. The top layer of a healthy hair cuticle lays flat, giving light more surface for reflection, states the Teens Health website, produced by Nemours. When the cuticle is damaged, the outer layer separates, leaving the hair at risk of drying and breaking.
Brushing your hair too vigorously or too much can cause breaking and split ends, especially when the hair is wet. Tight braids, ponytails and hair extensions can also harm your hair, notes AgingSkinNet, a website produced by the American Academy of Dermatology.

Lower the Heat

Heated hair appliances such as blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons can dry and damage your hair, according to AgingSkinNet. "Fitness" magazine advises blotting your hair as much as you can with a towel before turning to the blow dryer. Better yet, let it air dry for a little while before you apply the heat.
 Be gentle when towel-drying your hair, pressing the hair rather than rubbing it. Don't use the high setting on curling irons or flat irons, and make sure your hair is completely dry before you use them, advises Teens Health.
To avoid scorching, don't let the iron linger on the hair for more than an instant. If you're using these appliances daily, rethink your hairstyle. For long, healthy hair, it may be necessary to give heat the boot at least a few times a week.
Picking Products

Beware hair products that offer extra hold, counsels AgingSkinNet. These products may do exactly as they say and preserve your hairstyle for hours, but when you eventually comb or brush your hair, you risk breakage and loss. Chemical treatments such as perms, relaxers and coloring take a toll on hair and are best left to a professional who can choose the right products for you, recommends Teens Health.
Scalp Care

Clogged follicles may prevent your hair from getting the vitamins, oil and nourishment it needs from within. Keeping your scalp clean allows the nutrients to flow, making hair healthier, writes Fitness magazine.
Pay extra attention to your scalp as you shampoo, using a circular motion and massaging it with your fingertips. The magazine also recommends brushing dry hair with a semicircular motion, preferably using a nubby brush that is marketed as a scalp massager.
Don't rely on a clarifying shampoo or other "deep-cleaning" formulas to do the job. Those products strip the hair and exacerbate an oily scalp, the magazine warns.