Long hair appears to never go out of style and remains very popular.

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Long hair photos
Long Hair Art - Long hair appears to never go out of style and remains very popular.

Long, healthy hair is possible with a little effort. Regular trims, avoiding hot styling products and following simple hair care guidelines will produce locks you will love.

How to Get Long, Healthy Hair

1 - Although you may be against trimming hair if you are growing it out, it is necessary to cut damaged ends. Hair grows approximately one-fourth inch every month, and it can keep growing for up to six years. So, to keep your hair growing long, trim about one to two inches every six months and you will still have more growth than what you cut. Tell your hairdresser you are growing your hair out so he or she will not cut off too much.

2 - Follow a proper diet. Hair needs protein, so a diet of junk food will not get you the follicles you desire. Incorporate lean meats into your meals to nourish not just your body but your hair as well. Also, drink plenty of water. Your hair needs to be hydrated as well to remain shiny. Be sure to take a daily multivitamin.

3 - Get enough biotin in the diet as well. Biotin is recommended for healthy hair. You can take biotin supplements; however, an even better approach is to eat foods rich in this vitamin, such as beans, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, carrots, nuts, eggs, onions, cabbage, cucumbers, cauliflower, raspberries and strawberries.

4- Avoid overstyling the hair. Heat from curling irons, straighteners, hair dryers and hot rollers can damage hair and take away the shine. Using intense heat often can cause the follicle to break off, which will not allow the hair to grow long. Limit your use of these items. If possible, air dry your hair.

5 - Be gentle with wet hair. Hair that is wet is very fragile, so use a wide-tooth comb. Do not yank through it, either. When hair gets longer, it develops knots more easily, so it will be time consuming to comb through it. Realize that taking care of longer hair is a commitment. Use products such as detanglers to help.

6 - Do not use shampoos and conditioners every day. Shampoos strip essential oils from your hair, so allow your hair to get dirty. If your hair is fine, use a gentle conditioner. Heavy conditioners will weigh heavily on your hair and will take away the shine. Deep condition once a month. Many salons and smaller hair-cutting franchises offer this service if you do not want to do it yourself. It is not too pricey and definitely worth it.

7 - Careful with the chlorine. When swimming, wash your hair immediately after to remove the chloride buildup. Shampoos that remove chlorine are available on the market.

8 - When in the sun, spray products with SPF protection onto the hair.

9 - Use hair care adornments wisely. With long hair, it is going to be necessary to pull it back, especially when exercising. So choose hair bands that have no metal in them. Metal will damage hair and cause split ends.