Photos of Long Hair.

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Photos of Long Hair
Long Hair - make your hair grow faster.

To make your  hair grow faster, you can treat your hair from the inside out. Hair is a protein, and if you have lots of protein in your body, you should be able to grow longer hair. Keep in mind, though, that adding protein to your diet could make your eyebrows and body hair grow more quickly, too.

To get long hair you also want to take good care of the hair you already have. Basically, you want to keep it well conditioned and moisturized. You also want to keep from damaging it with drying products or with too much heat styling. All these things can cause breakage — which would be a setback in your effort to get long hair.

To break it down for you, your hair will grow faster if you:

Eat More Protein
Fish, meat, beans and yogurt are all good sources of protein, which I mentioned before can help you grow hair faster. Try adding extra protein to your diet. You could also try eating plain, powdered gelatin. This is something my mother used to do in the 60s to grow her fingernails. It could help you get long hair, too.

Take Vitamins
There are actually vitamins and minerals made to help grow hair faster. I believe that there’s a hair/skin/nails formula at the Vitamin Shoppe, and I think there’s one at GNC, too. I don’t think those particular formulas are proven effective, but they might be worth a try. B complex vitamins, beta carotene, folic acid, biotin, sulfur, zinc and silica are all said to be helpful to grow hair faster. Before you take any vitamins or minerals, however, be sure to check with your doctor to ensure that the amounts you plan to take are safe. It can be easy to overdo it or to take the wrong mix, and you don't want to risk damage to your health.

Deep Condition
There are tons of ways to deep condition your hair and prevent breakage in order to grow hair faster. You asked for natural products. There are plenty of ideas for naturally conditioning your hair here. Follow the advice and find what works for you. Something that nourishes your hair, like olive oil or egg, can help you grow hair faster. Conditioning is really important for your overall hair health, not only to get long hair. That way, once you have long, flowing, gorgeous hair, it will be shiny and beautiful too!